Please Read & Sign The Vendor Agreement

Vendor Agreement (1)

CAROLINA BARBER EXPO 2024 VENDOR AGREEMENT Host and Vendor. The term “Host” as used herein shall define the personnel, its agents and event partners, including but not limited to CAROLINA BARBER EXPO, LLC. The term “Vendor” shall define the company and its personnel and agents selecting to participate in the exposition. Once Vendor has executed this agreement by means of a signature, all terms shall become binding. The Host shall organize the CAROLINA BARBER EXPO (“Event”) at Myrtle Beach Convention Center (“Venue”) on September 29th, 2024. Payment and Cancellation Policy. Vendor has agreed to compensate Host per the amount outlined in the vendor contract, to secure vendor space at the Event. Vendor acknowledges that this is a NONREFUNDABLE AGREEMENT, and no deposits/payments shall be reimbursed for any reason of cancellation by Vendor, except if the Event is canceled by Host, at which time you will be notified by the Host and/or Staff. The Vendor and Host agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • Vendor will access the Venue and the assigned space as follows:
    • Mandatory Sponsors & Large Vendors Setup -- Saturday  September 28th 3:00pm - 8:00pm
    • All Regular Vendors setup -- Sunday  September 29th 8:00pm - 1:00pm
    • Show Hours: Sunday September 29 2024 from 8:00am - 9:00pm.
    • Any Vendor arriving after 1:30 pm on Sunday September 29th, 2024, shall forfeit the assigned space and all deposits/payments shall NOT BE REFUNDED.
  • Vans are ok to load on rear loading dock-- box trucks larger than 14 feet must pay union fees.
  • Vendor will be issued 3 complimentary vendor passes per 10x10 space, no more. Any additional vendor passes required will be available per request at General Admission cost.
  • Vendor shall not share space with other brands WITHOUT prior written consent from the Host.
  • Vendor is not permitted to set up and use sound amplification devices without prior approval. Approved sound amplification devices may not be audible more than 3 feet into the aisle or into neighboring vendor spaces. Host shall have absolute control over the implementation of this regulation, the intent of which is that sound amplification device(s) shall not be audibly objectionable to neighboring vendors. Host shall use a decibel meter sound level reader to ensure adherence to this regulation. If Vendor is found to be in violation, they will be provided one warning to adjust sound. Further violations will result in cutting of electricity from the offending vendors exhibit space.
  • Vendor may exhibit goods for sale only while Vendor/Staff is within the area of the assigned space.
  • Vendor spaces shall be clean and orderly during show hours.
  • Vendor shall dismantle and remove all items from the Venue by 11:30pm on Sunday, September 29th, 2024. Early dismantle prior to close of the event (approximately 9:00pm) is strictly prohibited, as this constitutes a safety hazard. Load-out doors shall remain closed until show hours are officially over. Vendor shall leave the assigned space free from trash/debris and in the exact condition prior to setup.
  • Shipping to/from venue, and storage charges are the sole responsibility of the Vendor. Please refer to the Exhibitor Kit for more information.
Compliance. Vendor assumes all responsibility for compliance with federal and local codes and all laws related to public safety, as well as facility regulations. Vendor is responsible to meet all requirements of the American with Disabilities Act. Wiring and decorating materials must all conform to local codes and fire regulations. Vendor assumes the responsibility to ascertain that all such codes and laws have been met, including issues related to facility services. Vendor is solely responsible to obtain all necessary permits and tax forms; and shall follow all applicable laws and regulations of Myrtle Beach and State of South Carolina. Sales and Use Tax compliance can be found by visiting Liability. Vendor agrees to Hold Harmless the Host from any, and all damages/claims in connection to the Vendor and its personnel and agents’ participation in the Event. Force Majeure: In the case of failure or delay in the performance of this contract arising out of or caused by forces beyond its control including, without limitations, work stoppages, natural disasters, or Acts of God, such as but not limited to, violent storm, plague, epidemic, pandemic, outbreaks of infectious disease or any other health crisis, including quarantine or other employee restrictions. Due to the effects of any such failure or delay, the Host will put Vendors nonrefundable booth fee towards the rescheduled or future event in good faith. Applicable Law. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of SC, Myrtle SC and any applicable Federal Law. Terms & Conditions*